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Reducing Food Waste
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Program: Food Forethought
Date: December 30, 2014

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The holidays are just about over and many of us find ourselves trying to figure out what to do with the leftovers from all those holiday get togethers, or we just decide to pitch it all, which is particularly disturbing when considering the fact that between a third and a half of all food grown on the planet goes to waste. Yes, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization that’s the amount of food produced worldwide that is wasted after production. So what can we do as individuals to reduce food waste? Well for starters, use up, freeze, or share those holiday leftovers. Once the leftovers are gone and things get back to normal bone up on food labels so you’re not throwing away perfectly edible food, and try not to prepare meals that end up being far more than you will eat at one sitting. When you go out to eat ask for smaller portions instead of the super sized portions served at many restaurants; you’ll be reducing not only food waste but your waist. And remember, if you have good food items in your cupboard that you don’t think you will get around to using, donate them to your local food bank.  

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