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Milk's Nutritional Value Questioned
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Program: Food Forethought
Date: November 03, 2014

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Yet another new study on milk and its health benefits, particularly those surrounding daily calcium intake, has hit the internet. The British Medical Journal recently published results of a study conducted by a Swedish research team which tracked the milk intake of over 60 thousand women and 45 thousand men over the course of twenty years. The study concluded that those test subjects who drank three or more glasses of milk a day saw no reduction in broken bones and were twice as likely to die earlier than those who consumed less than one glass of milk per day. Study results were based on questionnaires that were filled out by test subjects twenty years prior. Scientific experts and dairy industry leaders alike have found fault with the study saying that the study did not take into account any number of variables that could have changed risk percentages over that 20 year time span. Even the study leaders themselves admit that more research is needed before any dietary recommendations or changes are put in place. I’m sure numerous studies will be conducted over what could be decades. Hopefully in the meantime sound science and common sense will prevail.  

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