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Bob Larson Lake County Ranchers Want A DO-Over With BLM. Part Two
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: March 19, 2019

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With today's Farm and Ranch Report I'm Susan Allen. Yesterday we learned that ranchers in Lake County Oregon had come together to oppose a recent inventory of land that would designate it with Wilderness Characteristics. Here's rangeland consultant Andy Rieber back with us today on why it's critical these ranchers take initiative regarding this designation.

REIBER: Public lands ranchers are often concerned about wilderness designations because wilderness designations can make it harder to manage cattle on the public lands. And in Lake County, Oregon ranchers have been banding together to oppose a recent inventory of quote, unquote “land with Wilderness Characteristics”. In order to oppose this inventory which includes over 70 percent of the planning area as having candidate Wilderness Characteristics permittees are joining with local government agencies like the county and the Soil and Water Conservation District also industry groups like the Public Lands Council to try and get the BLM to do a do-over of this inventory in order to ensure that it is accurate. More generally the permittees are hoping that they can create an effort to ensure that in future and across the West, lands with Wilderness Characteristics inventories are accurate and fair.

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