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Maura Bennett Colorado Pork Producers work to reduce impact of tariffs
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: June 20, 2018

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Colorado the 15th largest hog-producing state in the U.S.

In Colorado, 1.5 million pigs produced by about 1,200 farmers go through the state each year.

So Mexico’s planned 20 percent tariffs on American Pork is making pork producers nervous. Mexico issued the tariffs in response to President Trump's tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, which apply to Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

Pork is a 1.42 billion dollar industry in the US.

But the USDA’s Outlook Board is raising expectations for exports. It will come at a price. A lower price.

Outlook Chairman Seth Meyers says they expect to see higher production bringing lower prices and that should lead to more exports.

Meyers thinks the price of pork will fall to an average of 43 ½ dollars.

He says the US should be able to keep a big chunk of the Mexican market. But it could mean producers will still lose money on each hog they sell.

Joyce Kelly, executive director of the Colorado Pork Producers Council said she and other members are actively working to bring a quick resolution to the trade issues and are in conversations with the Trump administration and legislators.

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