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Maura Bennett West Nile Virus Detected in Larimer County
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: August 17, 2017

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The state’s first case of West Nile Virus has been confirmed in a horse in Larimer County.

Dr. Nick Striegel at the State Veterinarian’s office tells Colorado Ag Today this is the time of year when cases of West Nile turn up but, it is usually preventable with vaccinations.

“As the incidence of West Nile Virus in horses has gone down, what also goes down is the number of horses that are vaccinated.

It sets up a situation where there are more susceptible horses. And it’s something that you don’t want your horse to get. It can cause neurological clinical signs. They can be persistent for the rest of their lives. Or sometimes they have to be euthanized.”

Because it’s transmitted by mosquitos, Dr. Striegel stressed the importance of good insect control.

“What you do to limit mosquitoes to protect yourself, is the same for horses. Limit standing water and use good insect repellents. People need to protect themselves, it’s a public health concern too.

12 cases of Equine West Nile Virus were reported in Colorado last year.

To learn more about preventing its spread go to www.fightthebite.com

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