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KayDee Gilkey Water Sage Provides Complex Information Through Intuitive Web-Portal
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: January 16, 2017

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Researching water rights can be a complex and exhausting endeavor. What if you had a tool that provided easy access to both water and land related information in Colorado? Good news —- the web-based Water Sage takes into account the legal and regulatory structures — while still providing a consistent experience for its users, thus eliminating common barriers to seeing and understanding complex water use issues. One of Water Sage’s Founders Kelly Bennett shares more

Bennett: “We set out to give people the ability to do basic information gathering in the water and land space from the comfort of their home. Help them avoid navigating those complicated technical systems out there or immediately have to go to high end professional service to get very basic answers. So we built a bunch of different databases that integrate information about water, water rights, ground water and land and then build a proprietary web portal that allows people to access it.”

He continues

Bennett: “One of our very first producers that ever used it had some property up in the mountains of Colorado. He had never really looked at — but had some water features on it. Had a creek that ran through the back of it. He believed he had some rights in a reservoir up above it. He basically starting drawing boxes around the property and found out that he only filed about half of the water property rights that he had hoped he had. So it gave him a really quick way to do that and then he could realize that he would need to hire an attorney and an consultant to get the rest of these claims made.”

To learn more, go to watersage.com

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