Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Farm Bill Update

    Ag Secretary Vilsack updates us on how the implementation of the 2014 Farm Bill has been going.

  • Just A Coincidence

    Russia says certain bans and backing of separatists is all just a coincidence.

  • WTO Issues

    Another round of WTO talks just completed with problems still abounding.

  • Connecting Urban Students To Ag

    Urban students connected with agriculture with an interactive booth at the 20th Annual YMCA Thingamajig Invention Convention.

  • Farmer's Market Week

    If you haven't been to your local farmer's market, time to get there!

  • Cluck N Moo

    We seen some weird food combinations over the years but this one just might make sense.

  • Pesticide Spraying

    A bipartisan bill would limit EPA regulation of spraying pesticides near waters.

  • Forage Expanding

    If you are needing forage production insurance coverage but have not been eligible you should look again.

  • More Women In Ag

    The latest ensues of Ag shows more women are a part of agriculture.

  • Backing Farmers

    It's not only the farming communities that are fighting the EPA's Waters of the U.S. rule.

  • SAGE Center

    Just off I-84 near the Port of Morrow you will find the SAGE Center and is a great place for the whole family to visit this summer.

  • Columbia Pulp Part 2

    More today on the new Columbia Pulp straw plant.

  • Columbia Pulp

    A new venture may be the answer to utilizing excess wheat straw from the harvest fields.

  • National Day of the Cowboy

    Dust off your cowboy boots and hat and get ready for the National Day of the Cowboy!

  • EPA Spells Fear

    Congress is attempting to head off the EPA land grab.

  • Improving Rural Infrastructure

    Rural America needs cash to fix rural roads to make them safer.

  • Safe Grilling

    A new study just may surprise you when it comes to safe food practices.

  • Putting Their Foot Down

    Bonus depreciation has become a tennis ball on Capital Hill.

  • State Ag Department Meeting

    Ag directors from 13 states will be attending the Western Association of State Departments of Agriculture next week.

  • GMO’s Get A Boost

    GMO's recently got a bit of a boost from a House panel.

  • Celebrating the Hot Dog

    Time for a little fun and a look at the hot dog.

  • No Immigration Reform…Yet

    Farmers and ranchers are the ones being hurt without comprehensive labor reform.

  • Looking Ahead to Drones

    What is the status of the use of drones for agriculture?

  • Bring On The Bison

    Nothing beats a great bison steak on the grill!

  • Reauthorization of Key Export Tool

    Senators are calling on Congress to reauthorize a key export-import tool.

  • Fourth's Picnic Survey

    So how much will your Fourth of July picnic cost this year?

  • Continued EPA Fight

    The EPA continues to push their water agenda although the Senate and the House are not playing ball.

  • Northwest Junior Sheep Exposition

    The Northwest Junior Sheep Exposition is open to youth from all across the Pacific Northwest.

  • Wolf Issues Part 3

    Dealing with predator wolves is a difficult issue that does not seems to have a resolution.

  • More on the Wolf Issue

    Today, more with Oregon rancher Bill Hoyt on the problems if jurisdiction of wolves.

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