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Line on Agriculture
  • Blair at Ag Committee

    Drones are not found on all that many farms today but with the final rules for drones having just been issued by the FAA…

  • Rules for Silage

    If you are going to be a successful farmer you practically have to be a genius.

  • Hogs and Soil Health

    A specific type of hog farming can improve your soil.


    If you go to Auric Solar’s website, you can read a list of benefits that they say you will gain if you and your farm go solar.

  • Coalition

    A proposed 2.5 million acre national monument in the area of the Owyhee Canyonlands.

  • Laying Hens

    The Animal Agriculture Alliance released its 2016 Advances in Animal Agriculture Report.

  • Pollinators

    Peter Lane Warren can speak broadly about various types of pollinators, including birds, bats, moths and bees.

  • WISErganic

    A truly Northwest company with Northwest roots and Northwest values.

  • GMO Vote

    The American Farm Bureau Federation’s Board Of Directors chose to support the Senate’s version of GMO labeling.

  • Relevant Research

    Carlos Ochoa hopes to conduct a study in Oregon to better understand how grazing, farming, wildlife, timber harvesting, and even the natural environment affect the quality and quantity of water in creeks.

  • Relevant Research

    Carlos Ochoa, an OSU rangeland scientist hopes to conduct a 10- to 20-year study in central and eastern Oregon.

  • Tillage Passes and Organic Matter

    Dr. Ann Kennedy says if you want to increase your soil organic matter you need to reduce the number of tillage passes you make in a field.

  • Abusing Clean Water Act

    The Pacific Legal Foundation’s focus has always been on protecting property rights and limiting government overreach.

  • Anti-diabetic potato

    Montana State University researchers have found several varieties of potatoes that could help foil type 2 diabetes.I

  • Bacteria Detective

    Pullman Washington based Soil Scientist/Soil Microbiologist, Dr. Ann Kennedy tells of her quest to give farmers in the Northwest a tool for battling cheat grass.

  • GMO March

    A group opposed to genetically modified organisms and glyphosate took to Capitol Hill to hold hearings with congressional staffers.

  • Wildfire in CA

    This year with our projections we are looking at less active year than we had last year but we are seeing areas where we are getting a very warm spring.

  • Roundup Rebuttal

    We hear from 30 year licensed professional applicator, farmer, and ex-Idaho State Sen., Douglas Jones about Roundup.

  • Roundup Everywhere

    The EPA’s recent review of the labeling of the herbicide Roundup has major implications nationwide.

  • Lyme's Disease in the NW

    I learned about the perils and tragedy of Lyme's disease.

  • Economic Power of Agriculture

    The Economic Power of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the Northwest.

  • Organic Seed Video

    The Clif Bar Family Foundation recently released a video titled "Seed Matters".

  • Reducing Wildfires

    Special Project to Assist Private Forestlands in Reducing the Impacts of Wildfire

  • Tillage Passes and Organic Matter

    Dr. Ann Kennedy is a Soil Scientist/Soil Microbiologist with the USDA in Pullman WA

  • Ranching Advocate

    Public lands consultant and freelance writer Andy Rieber described exactly what it is that she does from her home in Adel, OR.

  • Late Blight Treatment

    Dupont rep Kevin Cochrane told us that late blight is here early this year and recommended being vigilant about watching for signs in your potato crop.

  • Late Blight

    Late blight of potatoes.

  • Cattle Rustling

    I talked with Texas Cattle Raisers spokesperson Laramie Adams about our rash of cattle rustling in Texas.

  • Anti Biotic Resistance

    Researchers at Colorado State University are investigating the weighty topic of antibiotic resistance.

  • Angus Condition

    To keep cows in top shape, it’s important to understand the key reproductive milestones during the year.

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