Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • More from Colorado

    “Sen. demands heads roll in Department of Revenue.”

  • Transporting NW Coal

    The Washington Department of Ecology is attempting to stop a coal terminal proposed along the Columbia River.

  • Long's Peak Pinto Bean

    The making of an upright pinto bean.

  • Leasing Wind Turbines

    A wind turbine company which has carved out a niche leasing wind turbines to farms.

  • Farm Loans

    With farm income expected to drop again in 2016, a publication by FarmerMac projects the impact that may have on farm lending.

  • Will Farmers Sell Their Land

    In view of predictions that farmers are not going to be making a lot of money .


    Cases of Bovine Respiratory Disease are on the rise.

  • Dairy Sustainability

    Today's consumers, especially millennials, have a microscope on how their food is grown and sourced sustainably.

  • Health Food

    Dr. Mark Brick, Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Colorado State University, makes a strong case for eating pulse crops.

  • Turnkey Cattle Feeding

    Okay so you are in a beef feedlot or a huge dairy operation and you are delivering food to your cattle.

  • Rural Entrepreneur

    The American Farm Bureau’s 2016 Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge boosts local business in rural communities with startup funds, professional guidance and publicity.

  • Land Values

    Since 1929, Farmer's national company out of Omaha Nebraska has been offering professional farm management and real estate sales.

  • Randy and Millennials

    The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), announced the launch of a Foundation.

  • The Taste of Beans

    Mark Brick, Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Colorado State University has figured out how to breed an upright pinto bean.

  • Juniper Removal

    Efforts to reduce conifers on the ranches of many landowners.

  • Colorado Corruption 1

    FBI calls out Colorado Dept. of Revenue

  • Colorado Corruption

    Government overreach in Colorado.

  • Airstrike Bird Control

    Brad Felger owns Airstrike Bird Control Service.

  • Antibiotic Summit

    If you have a big agricultural operation involving animals, you may want to attend a conference in Arlington, Virginia

  • Micronutrient Feeding

    Technology is taking over the world of agriculture.

  • USDA Grant

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that USDA is making up to $44 million available to farmers, ranchers and businesses

  • Cost – cutting farmers

    As planting looms, saving on inputs and finding efficiencies are top priorities for farmers.

  • Antibiotic Issues

    One of those issues that has generated a lot of conversation over the last year and even beyond that is antibiotic use.

  • Wind Turbine Electricity

    Russell Tencer, CEO of United Wind talked to me about a program he offers to farmers who have a wind resource on their property.

  • Crop Insurance Deadline

    Important Crop Insurance Deadline Nears in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Nursery Growers Need to Make Decisions Soon

  • Cattle Thief

    An investigation is being led by The Texas and Southwest Cattle Raisers Association.

  • No More Roundup

    Listen to the words of Moya Shatz Dolsby, Executive Dir. of the Idaho Wine Commission as she reacts to a question I asked her concerning the possibility of finding traces of glyphosate in Idaho wines.

  • Bleak Outlook

    Ag Producer, Agribusiness Confidence Reach New Lows

  • Tax Double Whammy

    Sorry I can't let this go by just one more slice out of my conversation with Colorado State Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg regarding the tax credit boondoggle.

  • Pulse Crops and Nitrogen

    Nitrogen fixation is one of the best examples of cooperation in nature.

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