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Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Food Stewardship

    Not to disparage the environmentalists, the organic food producers and so many foreign nations who look at our foods, that we intend to export, through an electron microscope.

  • Crop Residue

    Biomass is a great name for crop residue and has been around for some time now.

  • Cider Specific Apples

    Dr. Peter Tozer’s a research associate in Washington State University’s School of Economic Sciences and he, along with two colleagues, recently were awarded a research grant to look into varieties of apples for the purpose of making hard cider.

  • Alpacas

    The alpaca business.

  • 3-2 LOA Songstad Ag and Science

    “We have to be willing to be open-minded with regards to every aspect of technology, every aspect of agronomic’s, not just in the United States but throughout the world.

  • Canola Rotation

    The Guru of canola pays me a visit.

  • Android Apps

    We really are in the space age.

  • Planter

    Farmers are already preparing for the spring growing season.

  • Plant Engineering

    Over the course of the next five years, OSU will receive about $2.9 million grant, awarded by the National Science Foundation.

  • Cheatgrass Lifestyle

    Dr. Ann Kennedy is a Soil Scientist/Soil Microbiologist who has analyzed the lifestyles of various rangeland plants including cheatgrass.

  • Acuron

    A new corn herbicide premix with four active ingredients.

  • AgSense

    Farming from your easy chair.

  • Damion Mason

    A speech by farm and business motivational speaker,Damion Mason.

  • Drone Business Plan

    Until recently, professionally flown drones flying over agricultural land in the United States were not allowed by the FAA.

  • Agrisure Viptera®

    Syngenta originally submitted the import approval dossier.

  • Agrisure Viptera®

    Syngenta has received the safety certificate for its Agrisure Viptera® trait (event MIR162) from China’s regulatory authorities.

  • Turkeys and Ethanol

    National Turkey Federation Supports RFS Reform Act

  • Advanced Aviation Solutions

    FAA and Drones

  • WIC and Spuds

    Potatoes have been discriminated against by the Institute of Medicine for a long time as being not heart healthy. That just changed.

  • Relevant Research

    Agri-research projects

  • Food Hoarding

    International expert on agriculture Dr. David Songstad spoke with me about hoarding food.

  • Farm Safety

    Federal and state statistics list agriculture as one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S.

  • Corn and Picket Fences

    There is a tie in between the corn you are going to grow and a picket fence.

  • Barley Genetics

    Kelley Olson of the Idaho Barley Commission gave a tutorial on the genetic differences between malt and feed barley.

  • Kaitlyn Farrington Retires

    What a difference less than a year makes.

  • Ag-Bag

    I’ve had several recent conversations with farmers about problems with the rail system and shipping out of various ports in terms of grain.

  • Fiddlehead Farm

    It’s absolutely amazing how small the world has become.

  • Icy Roads

    I know Colorado does a good job on their roadways during winter.

  • New GMO Wheat

    Oh boy here we go again. A recent article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch had the headline GMO wheat in the works again.

  • APH Exclusion

    APH Yield Exclusion Available for Pacific Northwest Farmers Spring Planted Barley Eligible for New Farm Safety Net Option.

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