Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Trade Deals

    There certainly has been no lack of opinions rendered with regard to the trade deals that Pres. Trump has decided to table.

  • State of Animal Ag

    Animal activist groups out there sometimes even violently oppose the notion that animals are used in the food supply.

  • Dole on TTP

    Former Senator Bob Dole wrote an opinion piece that was published in

  • What's up with Wheat

    1909 was the last year that winter wheat growers planted as small amount of acreage to wheat that farmers planted in the fall of 2016.

  • Land Transfer

    The USDA Makes it Easier to Transfer Land to the Next Generation of Farmers and Ranchers.

  • Direct Action Everywhere 1

    Yesterday we heard the soundtrack from a video that was surreptitiously shot by an animal activist group named Direct Action Everywhere.

  • Direct Action Everywhere

    The Animal Agriculture Alliance made me aware of a shocking video produced by an animal rights group named Direct Action Everywhere.

  • Onion Production Drop

    Chicken Little thought the sky was falling but in reality, it was the roofs of onion packing plants and storage facilities.

  • VFD impact

    What is VFD’s the impact?

  • Price of Onions

    Onion packing plants and onion storage facilities in Idaho and Oregon have had their roofs collapse due to the weight of snow and rain.

  • CT Scans for Plants

    The National Science Foundation awarded over $1 million to a research team to determine how plants respond to stress, such as drought.

  • Switchgrass for soil conservation

    The loss of fertile topsoil from agricultural fields is an economic problem for modern farmers.

  • Ag Census

    What happens as part of your operation this year will provide the data for the next Census of Agriculture.

  • Barley

    OSU’s barley varieties appeal to brewers, bakers and bovines.

  • Weed biocontrol

    The true definition of a weed is just a plant out of place.

  • Christmas Tree Business

    The Pacific Northwest is a natural choice for Christmas tree farming.

  • Millennials and Beef

    Some facts about millennials as consumers.

  • Progressive ODA

    Trade managers with the Oregon Department of Agriculture are taking some actions that other states, notably Idaho and Washington might consider.

  • Ultimate Sustainability

    UI Researchers are beginning a project to help Idaho view and use manure, byproducts of food processing, and other agricultural and aquacultural materials as a resource.

  • Sentera

    A company called Sentera, brings aerial data-capture capabilities to the industry with the revolutionary Omni™ Quad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

  • Organic Marijuana

    Some companies are producing organically grown cannabis.

  • Responsible Antibiotic Use

    Some bacteria have evolved into deadly, drug-resistant super-strains.

  • Juniper and Sagebrush

    There is a program to eliminate junipers from 940 square miles in Owyhee County in southwest Idaho.

  • Animal Warmth

    The main thing is with our livestock, if we can have a windbreak for them where they can get out of the wind.

  • Ag Pesticide Handling

    As of New Year’s Day, 2017, agricultural workers and pesticide handlers that work on agricultural establishments must be trained annually about pesticide safety and the Worker Protection Standard (WPS).


    I am one who believes that WOTUS is a complete overreach of power by the EPA.

  • Breeding for Taste

    It is estimated that over 60% of the world’s eggs are produced in industrial systems, mostly using battery cages.

  • Is switchgrass a weed_

    What is switchgrass?

  • Benefits to fireproofing forests

    Private landowners are trying to a certain extent limit the chance of wildfires burning up their private forests.

  • The Marijuana Issue

    USA Today recently reported that legal pot's future is in a haze.

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