Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Tater Made

    Shipping potatoes in potatoes.

  • Are Simplot Spuds Safe

    There is so much fear of genetically modified foods.

  • Bioinformatics

    The importance of a gene sequencing science called bioinformatics.

  • Guard LLamas

    Guard dogs for your livestock? Maybe not.

  • GMO and Livestock

    One of the hottest topics in terms of food safety is related to genetically modified foods eaten by both humans and livestock.

  • Farming Deer

    Ranching deer or ranching beef. That is the question.

  • Rockholm 2

    Deception and fraud surrounding the reintroduction of wolves to the Northwest.

  • Rockholm

    Film documentarian, Scott Rockholm has worked relentlessly for years researching and documenting the problems associated with the reintroduction of wolves to the Northwest.

  • Hay to China

    The hay-export market has gotten so hot that most of the hay grown near me will never be eaten by an American animal.

  • Nematode Discovery

    Say the word nematode and it’s kind of like saying tuberculosis.

  • You Tube and Dairy

    There have been so many letters to the editor in the Idaho Statesman lately lashing out at the dairy industry and the so-called ag gag legislation.

  • Controlling Rangeland weeds

    Controlling weeds.

  • Wolf Lady Farmer

    Farmer, hunter and fishermen, the Wolf lady does it all.

  • Hay Cap

    Covering hay bales

  • RRs and Oil

    According to domestic, Bob Dinneen, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association is speaking out again on the problems of rail congestion.

  • EDF Helps

    Farmers and ranchers can help bring birds back from the brink.

  • Cyber Farming

    Love harvesting crops and owning animated livestock?

  • IPA Agriculture

    You can certainly tell a friend of agriculture in the Northwest based upon what beer they are drinking.

  • Dairy Danger

    Dairy farming is among the most hazardous occupations.

  • Disaster Assistance

    The feds step in and are getting very proactive regarding disaster assistance.

  • DU Agronomist

    Ducks Unlimited Agronomist Steven Dvorak is the primary developer of a tool that you can download from their website and it helps agricultural producers who want to plant winter wheat.

  • Vilsack on Disaster Sign Ups part 2

    More today on the deadline for some disaster programs.

  • Sign Up for Disaster Assistance Program

    If you think you have a forage, livestock or tree loss you'd better get that loss filed before the end of the month.

  • The Education of Cider

    More today on the growing cider industry.

  • New Cider Association President

    The NW cider industry is growing but along with it are some growing pains.

  • Reducing Pesticides

    The ODA is looking for ways to reduce pesticides entering water sources.

  • Oregon’s Organic Ag

    September includes special recognition both in Oregon and the US for organic agriculture.

  • A Beef Home Run

    Baseball legend Nolan Ryan is working to promote beef to Japan.

  • Export Forecast

    Things are looking pretty good for U.S. exports in the next year.

  • Working on WOTUS

    One EPA administrator does not seem to be too concerned about the WOTUS issue.

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