Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • GlobalVetLINK

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory changes – set to begin on Jan. 1 – will require producers to obtain authorization from a licensed veterinarian to use medically important antibiotics.

  • Think Snow

    A bit of winter weather has greeted the Northwest

  • Benefits to fireproofing forests

    I learned of a project in which private landowners are trying to a certain extent limit the chance of wildfires burning up their private forests.

  • DTN Ag Weather Station

    Weather is one of the biggest risk factors farmers have to deal with each day.

  • Star Wars Farms

    Farming has become as advanced as Star Wars.

  • Potato Color

    Harvest a red, yellow, or purple specialty potato and its skin color will be shiny and bright.

  • Non-transgenic canola

    This July, Midwestern fields will  bloom with the first-ever gene edited product to be commercialized.

  • New Feed Directive

    Starting in January, a new federal rule will significantly restrict the use of antibiotics in U.S. animal agriculture.

  • Federal Change

    The day after the election I had five meetings and in every one of them, we talked about a problem that radiated from the federal government.

  • Farm Land Prices

    Things will get worse before they get better.” That’s the opening warning shot by Damona Doye in her ag land management perspective.

  • Lice in Cattle

    Parasite control is one of the most important herd management decisions you make each season.

  • Fight Back

    Maybe it’s time to fight back. In this modern era of social media, including YouTube,

  • Modern Apps

    Those things but they are icons on a cell phone, ...apps.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner

    Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It’s time to think about that big holiday meal and how to prepare it safely.

  • Fulcher's Viewpoint

    Listen to a speech from Idaho Republican gubernatorial candidate Russ Fulcher to a large crowd of Idaho Farm Bureau members.

  • Cheatgrass Revisited

    Pullman Washington based Soil Scientist/Soil Microbiologist, Dr. Ann Kennedy tells of her quest to give farmers in the Northwest a tool for battling cheat grass.

  • Three Questions

     DTN MarketVision, powered by FarmLink, recently launched, an online tool.

  • Hope for Agriculture

    A rural America on the road to recovery and growth.

  • Soil Test

    “Should you soil test this year?”

  • Remote Controlled Tractor.

    The world of farming may have changed since Farb Guidance Systems of Post Falls, ID, unveiled a guidance system technology

  • WIC

    Study Shows Whole Grains Lead to Wholesale Changes in WIC

  • DTN MarketVision,

    Have you ever held out from making a grain sale, thinking the market might give you another nickel, only to watch the market head the other direction instead?

  • Bee App

    Protecting bees from pesticides just got easier.

  • Two Sides of Glyphosate

    As you well know Roundup has been around for a long time.

  • Hop Harvest

    When it comes to hops, the Northwest is very involved.

  • N.D. Chaos

    Senator John Hoeven was recently joined by Julie Schaff Ellingson, in calling on the Obama Administration and the Corps to issue an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Farmers get Smart

    Farmers are too good at what they do.

  • Why Canola?

    Non-transgenic SU Canola.

  • Urban Farming

    Challenges in Expanding the Urban Farming Movement

  • Managing margins

    Ag retailers no longer have to worry about the time-consuming, error-ridden manual process of using spreadsheets to track their forward-based fertilizer and seed bookings with sales.

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