Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Root Demand Irrigation

    An irrigation specialty company named Valmont, is launching a subsurface irrigation method.

  • Marbling

    Jason Ahola a professor at Colorado State University and specializes in beef research.

  • Bud Gone Bad

    Nobody ever accused me of missing an opportunity to complain about the fall and decline of so many American institutions.

  • Global Warming

    I had the funniest conversation with Russell Gilliam, U.S. swine business manager for Alltech.

  • Winged Wolf Killers

    Trained wolf killers on the wing.

  • Local on the Web

    When you surf the net and find, you will read, welcome to

  • You Tube Safety

    It is a You Tube world.

  • PED Prevention

    The swine industry saw an immense spike in Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) cases.

  • Alpacas

    The alpaca business.

  • Eagles

    Ben Woodruff and his 12-year-old female Golden Eagle named Holly showed up to talk with sheep ranchers.

  • McDonalds & Simplot

    McDonald’s and Simplot not aligned.

  • Guard LLamas

    Guard dogs for your livestock? Maybe not.

  • Humane Food

    New National Survey Unveiled Showing Overwhelming Support for Humanely Raised Food

  • Bruise Quiz

    A fun quiz.

  • Acrylamide

    The Simplot company’s marketing a genetically engineered potato that they’re calling the “Innate”.

  • Migrant Workers

    There is not enough Canadians looking for a seasonal job.

  • Monsanto Settlement

    Last week Monsanto sort of settled up with soft white wheat growers in the Pacific Northwest.


    First-of-its-Kind National Destination For All Things Local Food.


    Locavores, farmers and ranchers on

  • GMO Spud

    The Simplot company has recently announced that they’ve developed a genetically modified potato.

  • Ballots

    You have received your County committee elections ballots and you have until December 1 to vote and return the ballots to your County FSA office.

  • Satellogic vs Drones

    Emiliano Kargieman's company, Satellogic, is in the process of launching a network of as many as 300 interconnected satellites that are dedicated to high resolution images of any point on Earth desired.

  • Bacon Love

    Bacon Love Grows at Foodservice Outlets and Pork Bacon Remains the Main Love Interest, Reports NPD

  • GMO Yo or No

    I was sitting in a coffee shop just yesterday, when I saw a sticker on a laptop that some woman was using and the sticker said “no to GMO”.

  • Future of Farming

    Manufacturers and buyers of unmanned aerial vehicles show up from all over the country to witness what I will refer to as the future of farming.

  • Soil Testing

    I ran across a blog called Wolftrax from someone named Steven Tillman. The title of the blog was “Should you soil test this year?”

  • Wyoming Predation

    Albert Sommers ranches in one of the toughest ranges in the United States….counties in Wyoming where grizzlies and wolves run the range praying on their cattle.

  • In-Furrow Technology

    A technology delivers very specific amounts and types of fertilizers to seeds, right in the furrow.

  • Bumper Apple Crop

    According to a study of 10,000 people, those who ate the most apples had a 50 percent lower risk of developing lung cancer.

  • Fight Back

    Maybe it’s time to fight back.

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