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Line on Agriculture
  • BMR Silage

    Dairy producers have increased their use of corn silage as a forage source over the past 10 years.

  • Green Sense Farms

    It appeared to me that every other word was the word sustainable.

  • Monsanto Syngenta

    The Monsanto Company recently confirmed that it had made a private proposal to Syngenta's Board of Directors to acquire Syngenta.

  • Farmland and Netflix

    I called agricultural analyst and reporter Joanna Schroeder after learning that the wonderful movie Farmland was going to be available on Netflix.

  • National Corn Crop

    Corn farmers nationwide planted about one third of the corn acreage nationwide in one week last week according to USDA’s latest crop progress report.

  • Blair's Flying Farmer

    I caught up with farmer and drone technology owner Robert Blair while he was demonstrating his unmanned aircraft over some farmland.

  • Bayer and Weed Control

    It appears that it is just a matter of time before glyphosate based herbicides become virtually ineffective.

  • Agri-tourism Legislation

    “The Oregon Senate unanimously passed a bill Monday that would limit liability for farmers and ranchers for agri-tourism.

  • Ag and Media

    Agriculture talking to the press.

  • Seeds of Time

    Just one of the things I love about my job is that I get all kinds of diverse and interesting stuff sent my way via email.

  • Food Safety

    Responsible Use of Pesticides Benefits the Country

  • Old Beans

    At an excavation site in Kentucky, beans found in old Indian dump site were dated to 1,000 years old.

  • Healthy Food

    Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

  • Weed Management

    As winter wheat growers look at spring herbicide applications, it is important to consider winter weather effects.

  • Sound Thinking on Beef

    Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) and 70 House colleagues recently called for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) to be based on sound nutritional science.

  • Root Demand Irrigation

    Root Demand Irrigation® recently accepted one of 50 awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

  • GMO and Eating Beef

    If you have questions concerning the safety of consuming animal products that have been fed GMO feeds then listen up.

  • Glyphosate Resistance

    According to an article in, a recent study by a Kansas State University weed scientist finds why the invasive weed kochia also known as fireweed is like a cockroach of the plant world.

  • Grain Gauge

    HarvestMaster™ Announces New H2 High Capacity GrainGage™ for Agricultural Field Research

  • Gene sequencing

    Researchers at Colorado State University are investigating the weighty topic of antibiotic resistance – an issue with ramifications for global food safety and public health – by tracking the genetic footprints of drug-resistant bacteria.

  • Why we hate cheat grass

    Why we hate cheat grass.

  • PacificAg

    PacificAg, the country's largest and most experienced biomass harvest company in the country, is helping growers see increased profits in the emerging biomass markets.

  • Dropping Milk Prices

    Dairy farmers will soon discover that 2015 will be a challenging year to maintain profitability, according to one industry expert.

  • Food Supply and Drug Resistance

    Researchers at Colorado State University are investigating the topic of antibiotic resistance by tracking the genetic footprints of drug-resistant bacteria.

  • Oh Cursed Weed

    Oh cursed weed, why doest thou so plague me?

  • iFormBuilder

    What is iFormBuilder?

  • Climate change and bugs

    The fact is that ag producers are facing new challenges and they aren’t pretty.

  • Ag Waste...a Commodity

    Ag waste can be turned into a commodity.

  • Organic Lawsuit

    Organic stakeholders have filed a lawsuit in federal court.

  • Plant Pathology

    Dr. Juliet Marshall, a cereal pathologist is warning farmers that winter wheat and barley crops are showing a disturbing echo of last summer’s abnormal wet spell.

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