Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Microirrigation

    Howard Neibling has worked on a multi-state irrigation research project for 22 years and his goal is improving irrigation efficiency on farms and ranches.

  • Bird Flu Risk

    Bird Flu Risk

  • Colorado Job

    If you are looking for a job in agriculture, listen up. I'll read you from a number of listings.

  • Bug Sensor

    It is very common practice in some areas of agriculture to use sticky traps in order to monitor the number and kinds of insects that may be attacking your crop.

  • Soil pH

    Darren and Brian Hefty, are agronomists with a television show called Ag PhD.

  • Vermacomposters

    I’m in an organically inclined restaurant and see a sign promoting urban worms.

  • Alpaca Wool

    Mark Niemeyer, owns Gem State Alpacas and has a herd of 53 alpacas. He talks about some of the products and benefits associated with these animals that originated from South America.

  • Thank you Farmers

    We live in an age where video reigns supreme.

  • Haboob tragedy

    Dry August winds often stir up dust clouds in farm fields but 2014 was exceptional.

  • Sugar is Good for You

    No matter how many scientists seem to weigh-in on the safety of genetically modified foods, there is still a public perception of danger.

  • Ag Anti-tech

    Generally if agriculture is compared to Las Vegas - it’s because making a go of it is always a gamble.

  • Jerry Miller is founder and president of

  • Weed Eating Cows

    Educated cows eat weeds.

  • Eagle Aides

    Ben Woodruff of the North American Falcononer’s Association recently appeared with his 12-year-old female Golden Eagle named Holly to plead his case with sheep ranchers.

  • Women in Agriculture

    Mark your calendar and join us for inspiration, knowledge and networking on Saturday, February 21, 2015 for the 4th Annual Women in Agriculture Conference.

  • Pea Root Rot Solution

    Aphanomyces root rot, is a disease that can cause crop yield losses in peas of 20 to 100 percent.

  • Beating Up on Beef

    A recent article talked about how stress accrued during transportation of cattle can cause damage to the meat.

  • IPods and Obesity

    OSU professor of nutrition Melinda Manore talks about technology and nutrition.

  • Logic Behind Labor

    Ken Forth, president of FARMS, a Canadian Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Service says he runs the world’s most successful program connecting seasonal workers with agricultural employers.

  • Migrant Workers

    I had an intriguing discussion with Ken Forth, president of a Canadian Foreign Agricultural Service.

  • Wyoming Livestock Losses

    After a rash of livestock losses in Wyoming due to predation on the part of grizzly bears and wolves, I picked up the phone and called Kent Drake, predator management coordinator at the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker

    A Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program is being eyed as a model around the world.

  • GMO Safety

    Dr. Strauss and his research team are doing genetic research on the eucalyptus tree.

  • Convergence

    Dr. David Songstad talked with me about a concept called "convergence" as the key to a stable global agricultural platform to feed the world.

  • Food Recovery Network

    A few years ago, students at the University of Maryland – College Park noticed a problem that is common at colleges across the country: huge amounts of leftover food from campus dining halls.

  • Root Demand Irrigation

    An irrigation specialty company named Valmont, is launching a subsurface irrigation method.

  • Marbling

    Jason Ahola a professor at Colorado State University and specializes in beef research.

  • Bud Gone Bad

    Nobody ever accused me of missing an opportunity to complain about the fall and decline of so many American institutions.

  • Global Warming

    I had the funniest conversation with Russell Gilliam, U.S. swine business manager for Alltech.

  • Winged Wolf Killers

    Trained wolf killers on the wing.

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