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Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Why Canola?

    Non-transgenic SU Canola

  • Different Perspectives on Harvest

    Harvesting is the biggest thing so historically, the way that beans have been harvested here in Idaho, they are actually undercut and then put in a wind row.

  • Healthy Walnuts

    Walnuts a key food to improve metabolism in obese mice

  • Preventing Avian Influenza

    Northwest states inside the Pacific Flyway are once again bracing for the possibility of migratory waterfowl introducing bird flu virus.

  • Does GMO corn mean GMO yogurt

    A group of farm organizations recently sent a letter to officials at yogurt maker Dannon saying the company's pledge to be more sustainable is actually anything but.

  • Forward-based

    A new solution that easily tracks forward-based fertilizer and seed inventory with sales.

  • Cowlar

    A fit bit for cows.

  • Passing Down Farms

    Placing farms and ranches into the hands of the next generation is an increasingly challenging issue countrywide,

  • Neonicotinoids Lawsuit

    Should seeds coated with neonicotinoids be regulated as pesticides under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act?

  • Is Glyphosate Carcinogenic

    Some time ago I had a conversation with Dr. Don Morishita, University of Idaho weed scientist and my main line of questioning concerned the safety of glyphosate.

  • Robot Weeder

    Science and technology may be coming to the rescue.

  • Angellic Dr. Angel 1

    Will any of us ever forget the horror he felt upon learning about the BP oil spill in the Gulf?

  • Angellic Dr. Angel

    Turning Crude into Food

  • Rejected Rice

    Viet Nam is under new scrutiny for violating U.S. food safety regulations.

  • Challenges in Urban Farming

    As the world’s population grows there is an increased effort to find new and non-traditional ways to get food on the family dinner table.

  • Modern Apps

    Modern food producers have a tool for smartphones and mobile apps.

  • No Confidence

    In seven years of tracking producers’ attitudes about their economic situation and prospects, producer confidence has never been worse.

  • WOTUS Revisited

    Arecent Senate report appears to have awakened WOTUS repeal efforts.

  • Coke and USDA

    Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Coca-Cola North America President Sandy Douglas just announced that their partnership to restore and protect damaged watersheds on national forests.

  • Apple eating bears

    Apple Orchardists…You need to be very bare wary. 

  • Oaks and Butterflies

    Willamette Valley ranchers restoring oak habitat, bolstering butterflies.

  • Canola in Rotation

    A non-transgenic SU canola.

  • Eradicating salmonella

    New research finds way to reduce salmonella by 90 percent in meat products.

  • Lyme's disease in cows

    Can cattle contract Lyme's disease?

  • Ag Producer Confidence

    Bad has become the new normal as ag producer confidence continues its downward spiral.

  • Preventing Soil Erosion

    Leaving behind stubble is not ideal when shaving, but it’s a good practice to leave behind crop “stubble” after harvest.

  • Vegetarian Fish

    The Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI) was established in 1988 to provide a focus for aquaculture research at the University of Idaho.

  • Ripple Effect

    There is a huge ripple effect in these economies that is a lot more than just a point of sale.

  • Burndown and Weeds

    There have been some challenges in the 2016 growing season for many farmers.

  • College Aggies Online

    The Animal Agriculture Alliance’s annual College Aggies Online (CAO) scholarship program will kick off on Monday, September 19th.

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