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Bob Larson Washington Farm Bureau's take on Hirst
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: February 06, 2017

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I’m Bob Larson. Farmers and others who own or are buying rural land in Washington with plans of building a home on it, are getting their dreams crushed by the State Supreme Court’s Hirst Ruling.

And there’s no group that wants to see the decision overturned more than the Washington Farm Bureau where Evan Sheffels says there’s hope …

EVAN SHEFFELS … “As you said, we really do want to fix the Supreme Court’s Hirst Decision and we’re asking legislators to help by passing Senator Warnick’s Senate Bill 5239. And we think that would address the crisis that that case has created and will continue to create in counties once counties get pulled into compliance through litigation. It’s going to create problems throughout the state.”

Sheffels says time is wasting …

EVAN SHEFFELS … “And so, we’re hoping the legislature can resolve those policy issues before more and more folks realize that they can’t build the home that they’ve invested a lot of money in the land and then they’re finally told no when they get to the building permit counter that they can’t actually build the home. And so we’re starting to see folks come in and give testimony to that affect and it’s pretty devastating.”

Sheffels says all the bill would do is take us back to where we were before the Supreme Court’s ruling and leave the duty in the hands of lawmakers, where they could then make a policy decision.

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