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by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Today's Chuckle
Date: July 09, 2009


Allen Media Video Solutions
Technology is constantly changing, is your message keeping pace with the times?
To remain cutting edge you need the versatility of video.
  •      Personalize your company and message
  •      Enhance web site
  •      Reach masses with YouTube
  •      Sales presentation/trade show tool
  •      DVD mailers
  •     Available for television broadcast
Our team is led by David Sparks Ph.D and June Thompson whose wealth of experience includes major network news broadcasting (ABC, NBC,) guest hosting stints for Oprah, PM Magazine, ESPN and Outdoor Life Network.
Allen Media has a 27 year old reputation of credibility in writing, producing, and reporting on natural resources, agriculture, and rural lifestyle projects throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California.
For your next video marketing solution let the company that understands and lives the nuances of the Northwest tell your story in a compelling and affordable way.
To see demo video go to bottom of home page.
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Idaho, Washington, Arizona
Allen Media
David Sparks Ph.D.


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