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David Sparks Ph.d Tommy Taco Strikes Back
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: September 12, 2019

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Exceptional outdoorsman, Family man and member of our team here at Sportsmens Spotlight Tommy Allen goes diving for calamari or octopus, known by the Hawaiians as taco during a trip to Hawaii. The method of catching them, as we are about to learn, is pretty straightforward but then odd things can happen as we are about to learn.

The Hawaii name for it, they call them taco. I always thought of a taco as a taco. But yeah. So you ask them how to catch taco and they say look under the rocks and you'll see them. They change color real quick under water, they'll camouflage on you and when you grab them off the reef they ink so you've got to grab them and swim up with them.

And I had one that I actually saw with a guy I went diving with. He got stuck on his back and he went up and they just grip really hard on your back and so he yelled at me to come over and pass the spear gun and I had a brief tug on it to pull it off his back and when you loosen the suction cups you hear a pop pop pop pop as a flop in a struggle.

Then another I got wrapped around myself and I had a hard time getting him pried off. We had to swim with one arm back to shore to get it off me and it's it's quite the animal that actually what's interesting about them is their intelligence level. They're extremely intelligent animals.

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