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David Sparks Ph.d Josh's Turkey and Deer
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: June 14, 2018

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A turkey hunt where stealth goes awry. "My dad and I got to sneak away the second week of turkey season. We went up north of Spokane where we had permission on a farmer’s property for years. This year with the high water, the small creek that separates two fields that we turkey hunt on was now a raging torrent but we got there the second week and we pulled into this old barnyard. In front of us was a field, then a creek that meanders through the property, and then a field behind it. The turkeys roost in the woods behind there. We pulled up to the property and we could see in the backfield, there was a big Tom sitting back there. My dad had already harvested his turkey on opening day. I said dad sit in the truck and I will go out on this land. I had really tall muck boots on so I figured I could get across the creek and I know where there is usually a high spot where I can cross. Sure enough, I get across the creek in the ground goes up to a little bit of a hill so it perfectly covered me and all I had to do was climb 15 yards up this little berm and the turkey would be 70 to 80 yards away. Then I could work on calling him over while I was protected and unseen. Sure enough, I make one call and the turkey perks up but I accidentally spook for deer and they immediately run straight at the turkey. So the turkey flies away. The hunts over, the turkeys gone, I can't do much else.

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