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David Sparks Ph.d Better the Hunt
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: April 04, 2019

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I was at a Boise outdoorsman show when I ran into Randy Stoppenhagen of"Better the hunt.com. He had a great product. ": I came out with an insulated bow Mitt that fits around the grip of the bow to protect the archers hand during colder weather hunts. It's brand new it's never been made before. It's a patent pending item. The philosophy behind better the hunt. All of the products that we sell do just that one they solve a problem and two they better the hunt.

So no freezing hands while you are waiting. Exactly. It's made in the USA. The product has 200 grams of thinsulin in it' the material insides breatheable. There's a weather proofing on the outside of the fabric. We're very proud of it. We've taken a lot of animals with it. We used it for two years before we ever brought it to market. So we tested it. We tweaked it here and there. There's a design behind the whole thing there's a reason why the straps are sewn where they are. There's a reason why we've taken a flat piece of fabric. And actually contoured it so that it does nothing to hurt the bow hunter it does everything to help them. And so this is strictly a product from bow hunters.The mitt is but we also carry several other products that I've co branded with. One is the hammock seat which is a seat that goes around any tree it provides the hunter instead of sitting on the cold ground. He can actually sit right up against the tree very comfortable all day long."

Better the hunt dot com the products about 50 bucks.

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