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Kelly Allen Kenton's Hunting Background
by Kelly Allen, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: June 07, 2018

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Hunting is in Kenton Clairmont's blood and he comes by it honestly. Like so many people who are outdoorsmen it started with... "I have been hunting my whole life. I grew up in a hunting family and my dad started me really young. I observed for a lot of my childhood, from age 5 to 12 I was just walking alongside my dad and I primarily did rifle, Whitetail hunting in northern Idaho. I cut my teeth there and then moved into hunting elk. There weren't tons of elk in northern Idaho at that time in the mid to late 80s. I moved into bowhunting after I graduated from college. I fell in love with it. Since then I have had amazing opportunities thanks to my brother who moved to Alaska because he was stationed in the Army up there in Fairbanks. I have done a lot of adventure hunting which means going to Alaska and hunting caribou and I have done three sheep hunts in Alaska which is an amazing opportunity and physically and mentally challenging."

In keeping with his love of hunting, Kenton has started a program called trainntohunt.com which is a website that allows hunters to engage in specific training regimens that are completely relevant to their mission of wanting to get out into the wilderness and be in tip top shape.

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