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David Sparks, Ph.D. 3-14 SS Berry Calls
by David Sparks, Ph.D., click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: March 14, 2011

 I went to a website called Berrygamecalls.com and I read this on his web site: It's nothing new for Glen Berry to disappear from his shop for five or six weeks during the fall hunting seasons. But this year friends and customers can keep track of him on TV. Berry, who founded Berry Game Calls 20 years ago, has produced a series of 8 episodes called "Berry Game Calls Hunting Adventures", which started running in September on The Outdoor Channel.  Going into this season, the 45-year-old game calling champion had taken 33 elk with a bow.  Berry Game Calls is a small family business. Glenn says "His wife is key to it and archery is a family affair in the Berry household. Daughter Brett, 13, and son Chad, 21, both finished ninth in their divisions this fall back in West Virginia among 3,000 top shooters entered in the International Bowhunting Organization World Championships.   I ran into Glenn at a tradeshow and he had an interesting story  about one of his calls.  “I was on the East Coast at an archery buying show, and we went out to a tavern where they were putting some ladies up on the stage and they were doing sleazy women jokes and I said that was a great name for a new product I was coming out with and I called it a sleazy cow call and that sleazy cow call got a lot of big bulls in trouble.”

 But when the elk start to bugle in September, no competition gets in the way of the hunt. 

Berry says "I've been successful, but then I hunt five or six weeks straight in different states every year. If you figured my success in terms of effort, it doesn't sound quite so good." Todd Klement, a Spokane hunter who's seen some of Berry's videos begs to disagree. "That's flat out incredible," he said. "Getting a couple of big bulls in a lifetime with a bow is a big deal." 

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