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Bob Hoff Oregon State hires U of I wheat breeder
by Bob Hoff, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: January 07, 2011

Farm and Ranch January 7, 2011 Oregon State University has hired a wheat breeder from Idaho to head its wheat variety development program. Bob Zemetra, a professor of plant breeding and genetics at the University of Idaho will start May 23rd.

Zemetra says the appeal of OSU was its wheat research team in wheat quality, disease, weed science and crop management.

Zemetra: “There is a good team there that I was always kind of envious of Jim having those people to work with and when the opportunity came up that I could potentially work there, it was worth making the application.”

The Jim mentioned is of course Jim Peterson whose position Zemetra will be filling. He talks about breeding wheat for Oregon versus Idaho.

Zemetra: “Really warm in certain parts of Oregon in June so you need a wheat that is very early, or because of the high moisture level in the Willamette Valley other diseases. So there are some similarities and some differences between Oregon and Idaho. But the bottom line is the same is that you need to get varieties that are high yielding that don‘t suffer yield losses due to either environmental stress, diseases or insects.”

Zemetra says he will initially observe and listen and visit with growers to hear what they think the issues are and what needs to be done. He will hold the Kronstad Wheat Research Endowed Chair at OSU, which honors the late Warren Kronstad.

I’m Bob Hoff that’s the Northwest Farm and Ranch Report on Northwest Aginfo Net.


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