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David Sparks Ph.d Canyon County Fair
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: August 07, 2019

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It's fair season and we're going to the Canyon County Fair with Madison Rowe. She's a sophomore at Kuna High School and a member of the Cavemen Critters 4-H Club. “It's my sixth year. Basically, we show a showmanship class it’s a market class get class and on Saturday we sell them.” Her partner this year is Dude, the sheep. “I got him from Katrina Johnson. She sells lambs and he is a Hampshire cross and his name is Dude.”


Matty and Dude have spent months together getting ready… from teaching him to lead, feeding him daily and shearing and grooming his wool for showtime, Matty has enjoyed most all of it.

“I had to wash him, which was kind of hard because it's like washing a giant dog.” The reward will be bittersweet, selling him to the highest bidder with a long term goal in mind. “It’s for college.”


It's showtime, and by day's end, the veteran 4-H’r will take first in her showmanship class. The following day in market class, Matty and Dude take fourth place. Not bad for a gal who at age 10 joined 4-H because of her love for animals and now blossomed into a 16 year old with a clear focus on her future. “I was so shy.


I didn't even talk to the kids in my club for like the first three years I was in 4-H. But I went to this camp 4-H camp and we bonded together and then we all just became best friends since I've joined. It's more about. Kind of the people that you work with and it's all just kind of working together to try to get it done. 4-H, it's what's good for kids in our ever changing world.

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