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Russell Nemetz AgriBeef Feedyards Focused on Quality
by Russell Nemetz, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: March 20, 2019

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Premium beef comes from healthy, well cared for cattle.

Logan Peters is a cattle procurement representative for AgriBeef. He says within their procurement team they’re not only purchasing cattle but also buying calves to build as yearlings to feed into their grow yards.

“We use a lot of backgrounding yards also called called grow yards to take advantage of our local feeders” said Peters. “A lot of farmer feeders grow and raise their own feed and we put lightweight calves in the fall and shipping them out this time of year as bigger eight weight yearlings into our feed yard. And the main points why we do that is to make sure the cattle a healthy before they hit our yards. But it also promotes the chances of the cattle meeting our performance and grade expectations. By that I mean, the cattle are already bunk broke and have had their second round of the shots which reduces the use of antibiotics since there is less sick cattle going into the feed yard. And it ultimately ensures that we have a good solid supply of feeder cattle to feed into our feed yards going into the summer.”

For more information, visit agribeef.com.

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