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KayDee Gilkey Western Landowners Alliance Organization
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: June 09, 2017

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Advancing the ecological health and the economic vitality of proved and leased public lands throughout the West is an important objective of the Western Landowners Alliance. Executive Director Leslie Allison shares more about this non-profit organization.

Allison: “Right now we represent about 14 million acres of leased and deeded land across the West. The majority of our folks are livestock producers. Many of them with grazing allotments. We also represent other types of properties — we’ve got recreational, guest ranch properties, forested parcels, private personal pleasure parcels. Anybody who owns or manages land for any reason can find a place here. We represent both large and small land owners and I think really interestingly and helpful we represent really the full political spectrum. We have folks from all sides and it is a very diverse organization. What brings people in to it and what bonds us together is a real love of the land and a desire to keep these landscapes healthy and intact for future generations.”

Another member benefit, Allison says is the networking and the ability when considering a new conservation practice — to check with others around the West who may have been using that practice and learn from their experience. She continues with how interested land owners or managers can learn more about the organization.

Allison: “It is very easy to become to become a member. You can do it through our website which is westernlandownersalliance.org and you can click on the join button.”

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