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Susan Allen The Santa Fe, Merlot and San Antonio
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 30, 2010


While fashions have been debuting throughout the month of September in New York the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has elected this month  as well to introduce six new cuts of beef, some of which could  become very familiar to consumers this winter. I’m Susan Allen, stay tuned on today’s Open Range, trust me you’ll surprise the heck out of the butcher at your grocery store if you ask for one of these new selections. The check-off funded Beef Innovations group part of the NCBA  debuted six new lean cuts of beef  that they hope will help everyone in the industry from cattle producers on down to retailers maximize yield and increase profitability. Like a designer suit or gown that just makes you look fabulous  these lean cuts can do the same thing by playing  an important role in health, nutrition and weight loss. As  Angelina Jolie said, steak is her beauty secret. So with a drum role......
I am proud to announce:  The Santa Fe Cut.  Perfect for fajitas, stir fry or shredded beef. The Round Petite Tender, like it’s name it’s best cut into small medallions ideal to top salads or pasta. The San Antonio steak  right up my alley as it cooks fast ,it’s lean and versatileto showcase a bevy of marinades. The Tucson cut a much needed addition for foodservice operations.  The Braison Cut yummy savory pot roast or osso buco and finally for those of us who enjoy ethnic dishes, there is the Merlot, red, lean but oh so flavorful. Will they become as successful as other beef launches like Flat Iron  and Ranch Steak? That's now in the consumers hands . I’m Susan Allen 

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