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Susan Allen The Pioneer Woman.com
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: February 09, 2010


Reality shows and remodels, be it someone’s home, business or body on TV a blog  or Facebook what’s up with  the OZ urge to snoop, you know... pull back the curtain to see how someone else does life? I’m just as guilty, I’m Susan Allen and I’ll be back with a glimpse into one woman’s wonderful world of ranching. Facebook, blogging and... yes,  bloviating, with a mere click we are up close and personal with everyone.  I just happened on an interesting site The Pioneerwoman.com. Initially, I admit the name evoked in me Mary Jane“isums”, of organic plots, cotton clothing, canning and how- to’s that would quickly become  how “not- tos” in my hands. I didn't find that at Ree Drummond’s award winning web site. Hers is more like a retro Green Acres/ I love Lucy mix a comical and at times heart wrenching  transformation of a city girl to ranch wife. Ms. Drummond is a gifted photographer whose pages are filled with epic western photos and insights with titles like “frontier follies”, “black heels and tractor wheels”. Her ranch recipes,  example...  Rib-Eye steak with Whiskey Cream Sauce and Cowboy Crème Brule have resulted in a New York Times best selling cook book titled The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Drummond states she hope the recipes bring readers recognition, accolades and marriages proposals? This and more on The pioneerwoman.com from someone who calls herself a desperate housewife who lives in the country, I know a lot of women can relate to that!   I’m Susan Allen.   

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