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Susan Allen Hunting Leases As New Revenue
by Susan Allen, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: September 06, 2010


My Dad got quite the present on his 80th birthday last year  by drawing a big horn sheep tag in Oregon. With one shot and grandson by his side he bagged his trophy ram on adventure that  might not have proved as successful had he not had leased land to hunt. So how do ranchers maximize hunting leases? I’m Susan Allen  stay tuned to find out. In the northwest the demand for hunting rights keeps growing, but often ranchers aren’t able to attract the high end hunting demographic and that has created a market for brokers who now act as a liaison between the ranch and hunters. Leasing hunting rights can be quite lucrative and often a few  changes can maximize profits. One national firm basecampleasing.com  council’s ranchers on the importance of offering a variety of habitat. Ranchers that protect vegetation from cattle via good rotation methods and plant food plots  for game assure their clients a better hunting experience. Example, ponds for game or water fowl can also be stocked with fish providing a new venue for guests. Amenities are key, even old outbuilding and cabins can be improved with water and electricity and  RV hook ups are a huge  bonus.  Easily to open locked gates are another key  feature as hunters love the exclusivity their own key symbolizes. Basecampleasing.com also encourages ranchers  to develop a web site  that defines the hunting experience. With good marketing  and a little spit and polish, like a good lab hunting  leases can  fetch top dollar. I’m Susan Allen 


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