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David Sparks Ph.d Auctioneer in Training
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: October 23, 2018

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At this year’s annual fall feeder cattle sale in Emmett, Idaho, the best live auctioneer in the world Jared Miller from Leon, Iowa showed up to make the call. In the audience was Luke Nolte, the 2017 rookie auctioneer of the year in Idaho watched in awe at the best in the business. “He’s super good and I hope someday I can be that good. It is a pleasure to be here. To get to come to Emmett, Idaho and watch the world champion livestock auctioneer.” The rapid-fire speed of Miller’s call is what Nolte noticed the most. “Learning that rapid-fire comes with time. Comes with practice and time behind the mike.”

Andy Kindle, a local cattle buyer who has spent the last 50 years in auction barns all over the world says the rapid-fire delivery is what he prefers as a buyer and a seller. “I like it. I like to get it over with. Usually you don’t have any backups. And that’s one thing. He takes right off and don’t backup.”

Miller says video auctions have their place in the West but live auctions are still the preferred method for most small producers. Case in point, Emmett, Idaho. “You know, obviously in the western United States, video has had an effect on how many cattle come to the live auction markets but, there is still a huge opportunity for these live auction markets. Case in point here at 7 Rivers in Emmett, Idaho. it was not in operation for a while but now it’s back. They are gaining some speed and it is really great to see and serves as encouragement to other markets.” the world champion auctioneer ends up with a $1.65 bid

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