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Rick Worthington National Hemp Association
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: May 09, 2019

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National Hemp Association

With farm and ranch report I'm Rick Worthington.

The latest farm bill now allows hemp to be grown all over the country. National Hemp Association executive director Erica Stark says the legislation has really opened the doors for many hemp growers out there.

And when they say hemp can be used in twenty five thousand different products it sounds like a gross exaggeration but really it's not. Not only are there so many products that currently can be made with hemp hemp can make existing products better stronger and more sustainable. And there's a whole lot of research happening very new and innovative high tech applications for hemp. That's the future is pretty wide open and limitless.

She says the focus of the National Hemp Association is turning to working with growers now to develop programs as well as markets.

While hemp is easily grown and it will grow in all regions of the United States. Just like with any other crop it doesn't necessarily make sense to start out planning any kind of huge acreage without getting some practice and experience with the crop. And then the other thing to think about is finding the market before you plant it.

Once again that's Erica Stark with the National Hemp Association. She says the potential market and uses for hemp are no joke and now is a really great time for farmers to jump in and get involved.

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