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Rick Worthington Beef Producers Looking Ahead
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: April 12, 2019

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With the farm and ranch report I'm Rick Worthington.

When it comes to beef products being sold producers are facing a future that will be a little different from what it's been in prior years. Consumers are asking more questions about the product they want to know more about where it's from how it was raised and there are plenty of other concerns too. Heather Tansey with Cargill was at this year's NCBA trade show where she discussed some of those new trends.

Today we talked about what consumers care about when it comes to the beef that they're purchasing. I obviously given my focus talked a lot about some of those sustainability pieces. You know we talked about how they're interested in learning more about how the food that they're eating is produced. So it's not just about what the food is but how was it slaughtered. How was it grow and how is it raised. You know we're seeing trends where folks are more interested in learning about some of the well-being and the welfare issues around the animals.

And she says it's up to ranchers to tell people those stories.

There's so many amazing things that are going on in our beef supply chain really ranchers that are doing great things in the landscape and with their animals.

Sometimes we just don't do a good enough job of telling those stories more broadly she says the North American beef supply chain is one of the most efficient in the world and ranchers should take credit for that as well as continue to drive progress forward.

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