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Rick Worthington Bacon
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: January 01, 2018

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You really have to hand it to certain Anti-Ag groups out there. We won't call them out by name, you probably know who is usually talking about the ethical treatment of animals. Well, they do a good job getting their message out...but they may have recently met their match.

Wes Jamison, Professor of Public Relations at Palm Beach Atlantic University says agriculture is fighting back. Jamison explains a campaign was created by students at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

"They Target college students almost all of whom grew up in Suburbia or Urban environments and none of them have any experience or even care to have experience about farming. They target them for vegetarian campaigns so we've had a campaign where the students extraordinarily successfully on a college campus we gave out free bacon in the middle of the Quad on the campus and we had a fan blowing blowing the smell the bacon all over the quad and you can imagine.. college students, free bacon, smell... we had lines lined up all over the place trying to get free bacon and then they're receptive to the message of Agriculture and uniform response was I never knew that that's how to reinforce that with bacon."

He says consumers want and need agriculture’s products, and sometimes just need to be reminded it's ok to like and appreciate Agriculture...and bacon.

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