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KayDee Gilkey Conservation Effects Assessment Program
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: August 21, 2015

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The Conservation Affects Assessment Program preliminary screening is happening now throughout the state. Through a cooperative agreement with Natural Resources Conservation Services, the National Ag Statistics Service’s Colorado staff are out in the field. NASS Mountain Regional Director Bill Meyer says
Meyer: “They are visiting with land owners about a point of land, and if that point of land qualifies then we will go back later this fall to ask about land management practices: tillage practices, fertilizer use, chemical use ect. It is a very valuable survey because it gives the NRCS the chance to see how their conservation programs have worked or how producers conservation programs have worked for landowners. Or are there new programs that NRCS should be working on that will help preserve that land that we have.”
This is a different survey than producers may be use to — it will be more in-depth, Meyer continues
Meyer: “We randomly selected these 400 points and they will find the owners of that land and talk directly to them. If they qualify, we will go back with a questionnaire. That collection period will be from October to February.”
Meyer encourages those producers who are selected and qualify to participate.
Meyer: “It is their opportunity to show what they are doing and what works. NRCS can grab that data and make changes to any programs they have or implement news ones. We want to hear from directly from the producers and that is why we are going out the field.”


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