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Tommy Allen 75 Member Sale Barns and Growing!
by Tommy Allen, click here for bio

Program: CAYAC
Date: January 01, 2016


Cattle Auction Yard Advertising Co-op  

For those of us in the cattle business, the sale yard has become the place to not only buy and sell cattle but also gather industry information, network and catch up with old friends. If you have a product that will service the needs of beef producers there is no better place to reach them than at the local sale yard.  We have established a network of sale yards across the US that moves millions of head of cattle each year.  CAYAC gives you the opportunity to get your product message directly to someone who is in a “buying mode”.  Producers are there to add cattle to their existing herd, with the next step being to process the cattle, shots, ear tags, etc… They arrive with mindset focused on the future needs of their expanding herd;  feed supplements, maybe new feed truck, trailer, ATV, fencing supplies, water trough and much, much more.  Another advantage to advertising at the auction house is that it is a highly interactive environment. Not only will your targeted customer see your message, but odds are he will talk with his friends sitting around him about your product or service.

  • CAYAC  has secured the premium signage platforms 4' x 6' banners on Sale Ring Doors, 50" Monitors and Bid Cards perfect for communicating your message  “direct  to those most in need” of your product.


  • CAYAC  is direct marketing access to decision makers.  CAYAC provides agribusinesses a platform to communicate directly with Cattlemen who are increasing their herd and with that in need of supplies.


  • CAYAC consists of independent sale yards from across the top producing cattle states in the US which have joined together to give advertisers easy access to beef producers.


  • Combined CAYAC members move millions of cattle through their auction rings each year. The average CAYAC sale barn sells over $500,000 in cattle each sale day. In one week the 75 CAYAC Sale Barns are reaching cattlemen, sellers who have pocketed $37 million and buyers who just invested $37 million in cattle. Your message reaches both. 

If you would like more informtion on CAYAC contact:

Tommy Allen  
tallen@aginfo.net   or Matt Rice mrice@aginfo.net  call   Office # 509-529-2587 

173 Baker Ranch Rd. Walla Walla WA 993625

bull sale hand bid card 300x450 Hermiston sale w banner 300x169 CAYAC LOGO