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Program: Ag Weather Impact
Date: February 12, 2019

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. The active weather pattern that brought record snowfall to parts of the Columbia Basin will continue into Friday and then decrease beginning this weekend. A warm front moving north will push temperatures above freezing today mainly south of Yakima to Moses Lake. Additional snow will fall north of the warm front while scattered light rain is expected to the south. Another vigorous weather disturbance will produce mostly rain tonight and Wednesday over the southern Columbia Basin with a brief break Wednesday night and early Thursday. The next in the series of weather fronts will arrive Thursday night and Friday with more snow followed by colder air dropping temperatures to well below normal. The snow depth in most areas is enough to protect winter wheat from the cold temperatures. It looks like more weather disturbances next week with the potential of a return to dry weather for a few days the last week of February. In the meantime though, major impacts will continue to be delays in farm to market transport and farm deliveries. Newborn calves and lambs could experience moderate to severe cold stress tonight and Wednesday unless provided shelter. Now back to those record snowfall amounts Just during this past week, both Yakima and Pendleton received enough snow to set a record for the whole month of February, so any additional snow in these areas will continue to add to this month's record.

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